Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley wanted to reinvigorate the brand, make it more contemporary, reduce discounting & build a stronger direct-to-consumer (DTC) business. Their goals were:

  • Refresh the brand
  • Automate and transform their monogram business
  • Attract a younger audience with “whimseys” and unique options
  • Create an engaging DTC online shopping experience

Meeting these goals required a holistic review and update of the business to attract new customers, increase sales and improve margins.

VU Custom approached through a measured plan and rollout: a “WALK, RUN, FLY, SOAR STRATEGY”, enabling Vera Bradley to offer the right solutions to its target customers in a scalable way.  This incremental approach enabled the company to quickly reach its target market with a new offering and then graduate in complexity to more value-added solutions for their customers.

The Results

  • Significant increase in custom sales by automating and enhancing their monogram business
  • Significant increase in gross margin contribution from increased efficiency
  • A significant reduction in discounting
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Increased customer engagement online
  • Greater Brand Loyalty

Helped invigorate the brand & broadened their appeal to younger customers.

*formerly JTB Custom